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nik harron – Canadian landscape painter

Huron Shore 12″ x 12″ acrylic on panel

nik harron is a contemporary landscape painter based in Kitchener, Ontario.

nik was born in Belfast, Ireland and immigrated to Canada in 1981.

Each of his paintings begins with an intitial white surface  sculpted from heavy acrylic mediums which is then coated in many layers of coloured glazes. In some cases, additional detail is added by carving the surface to create fine marks which are sometimes refilled with heavily pigmented paint. Often, additional visual texture is highlighted by scrubbing the surface when wet, sanding or dissolving the top layer when dry to emphasize the underlying three-dimensional structure. nik uses Kroma Crackle in his acrylic paintings  along with other texture mediums.

Early Spring, Lake Huron 24″x 24″ acrylic on panel

Winter Field, Acrylic on panel, 12″x 12″

On earth, as it is Acrylic on panel 24" by 42"

On earth, as it is
Acrylic on panel 24″ x 48″

To find out about upcoming exhibitions and to see more examples of his work visit nik’s website

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