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steam punk nerf gun

Your standard issue plastic toy; smooth and unnaturally colourful.

Definitely could use some crackle action to make it worthy of the steam punk era.

nerf gun before


The transformation begins with a coat of acrylic paint.

The handle is given the quick-drying DeMented Derma treatment using a layer of pva glue and crackle over the top, dried with a heat tool to make raggedy edged cracks. (See our website for step by step instructions for this technique)

paint layer added and handle crackled

I used metal watch parts pushed into Crayola’s Model Magic air dry clay to make discs to cover up the Nerf logo, one for each side.

Once dry, they’re held in place with acrylic gel medium and acrylic paint is brushed on top.

model magic embellishments


Hot melt glue is used to create extra raised detail under more DeMented Derma cracks. I like the idea of adding a warty organic looking texture onto a man made mechanical surface.

hot glue detail and model magic painted









Tinted crackle is added to other areas and once dry given extra colour with black ink and gold and black acrylic paint .

detail texture warty side


detail texture






For a 3D object like the nerf gun its good to use the quick drying DeMeng technique for surfaces that aren’t flat, combined with the basic crackle technique for flatter areas. This way you can create a wide variety of different cracked patterning, especially by also using different thickness of crackle to make different sized cracks.


Now the punking is complete, I’m tempted to make a holster.





finished transformation


finished transformation

Doesn’t everybody need a steam punk nerf gun?

One comment on “steam punk nerf gun

  1. Barb
    May 10, 2013

    What is steam punk Helen?????

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