kroma crackle

adventures between the cracks

Black and white crackled book cover

crackle cover

This hardback blank book was given a new look with a crackled cover.

First the fabric cover was painted black with acrylic paint. Once dry, a thick layer of Kroma crackle was applied with a palette knife. To stop the crackle from dripping over the edges a ledge was made with masking tape like a little parapet.crackle layer

A small amount of black acrylic paint was added to some more kroma crackle (about 5% of the mix) and dripped onto the surface from the tip of a palette knife.



The crackle layer was about 1.5mm thick and took several days to dry.

The photograph shows some reddish and yellowish colouring. This is the dye seeping up from the original fabric cover.

cracks have formed



When completely dry the untinted crackle turns white.

When dry the largest cracks were about 1mm wide.


Finally a layer of clear acrylic medium was applied to the surface with a paintbrush to ensure the cracked surface is firmly held in place.  The clear medium re wets the cracked surface changing its colour but it quickly returns to white once dry.




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